Full Scholarships for African students Abroad

Are you looking for scholarship for Africans to study in Europe, China, UK. Canada, German etc? I think you are looking for a way to sponsor your studies in 2014, 2015. And you are looking for financial aid to support your Masters or PhD education abroad. isn’t it? Thankfully, many foundations offer full Scholarships for African students. In fact, there are many scholarships available for developing and Asians countries as well.

Africa Scholarships are full and free.

If you have always dream of studying abroad, rest assured there are many means available. The means to help turn your dream into reality. No matter what program you want to study, be it MBA, LAW, ENGINEERING etc, you have the choices. You can choose a country and scholarship of your choice. Everyone is free to apply. Whether you are East African students, South African student, western or northern, you stands an equal chance to win scholarship abroad

List of Scholarships for African students:

Here is a brief list of some annual study abroad scholarship schemes, available for Africans and international students:

1. Commonwealth Scholarships for Africans.

The Commonwealth offers full scholarships every year. It invites elected agencies, institutes, or universities to submit a list of eligible candidates. Generally, the Commission assigns an application closing date a few months before the deadline. Universities and institutes will have to submit their selections before this end date. Every year, an estimated number of 200 to 230 Commonwealth scholarships are given to students.

2. Australian Development Scholarships for international students (ADS).

The Australian Government introduced the ADS. This is an international awards with the aim to improve its ties with countries worldwide. It also started up a special scheme for developing and African countries. Scheme aims to provide study abroad scholarships and funds. This fund will help students to pursue full-time postgraduate diplomas and master’s degrees at Australian universities.

3. OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID).

The OFID scholarships for international students Scheme, is aimed at providing student grants. The program is especially for those who intend to go for higher education. Eligible candidates will need to have a prior undergraduate qualification from a recognized college or university. The scholarship is aimed at providing winners the financial aid to undergo advanced graduate or professional training. The amount of funds awarded to winning candidates is up to 100,000$.

4. University of Westminster Scholarships.

University of Westminster awards International Scholarships each year. Award are for full-time Masters degree. The scholarship gives preference particular to applicants that can demonstrate applicability of knowledge acquired. For more on this study abroad scholarship,

5. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship.

This is a joint effort. Effort between universities in the UK, and the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. The project is meant provide full scholarships for Africans. To help students who are unable to afford studying in the UK.

About 27,000 students have won this scholarship since its lunch. The application deadline is fixed for 31st of December of every year. see more details on this study abroad scholarships.

General criteria to win scholarships for African students programs:

All institutes and universities can have different eligibility criteria. The selection can base on either of the three:

  •   The personal background.
  •   Educational background.
  • Performance of candidates.

What is more, all of these scholarships scheme, take place every year. Therefore, if the closing-dates have passed, you can take note of one of these scholarships for Africans, and all study abroad grants, and apply same time next year. look around this site for bunch of Masters and PHd Scholarships for African students.